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What Pretreat Is The Best?

What Pretreat Is The Best?

, by Anthony Creek, 1 min reading time

Pretreat is tailored per ink set and for printer. Some pretreat works well in one printer and horrible in another. There is NO one and done pretreat. Some ink sets work better with one pretreat better than another. For the most part white t shirts have their own pretreat and dark shirts have their own. 

Staining can occur so not everything is so cut and dry. Testing needs to be done on color and model. Learn to turn away jobs and don't be afraid to do that. 

If you need help matching a pretreat with your printer model give us a call. We are experts in this area. We are making it easier and constantly innovating in this area. Many people are having great success with less to no staining issues with our pretreat that we manufacture here in California that can be found here.

Got Questions? Comment below and we will have a Q & A video session to answer them on YouTube. 



  • The answer to both your questions are Creek Manufacturing pretreat is better suited for both machines and ink sets


    Anthony Creek

  • Buenas Tardes El pretratamiento para una maquina brother GT 381 es el de la misma marca? cual otro le puede servir?


    Felipe Cristerna

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