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Repairing your printer? Make sure you do these 2 things first or blow a fuse.

Repairing your printer? Make sure you do these 2 things first or blow a fuse.

, by Anthony Creek, 1 min reading time

Thinking of repairing your printer? Cool. Did you know that it's a machine and not a toy? Of course you did. Make sure that you unplug the USB and Power cord and wait a few minutes until you repair. If you don't, you'll blow a fuse on the mainboard or worse, blow out the mainboard or other boards.

If you are lucky then at the minimum you can blow a fuse. You will notice if the fuse is blown that the printer will act like its printing but not shoot out any ink. You can perform a head cleaning and see ink drain but just not actually shoot ink while printing. This is an indication of this problem. In some instances even a fuse repair will not help the problem and the mainboard may need to be replaced.

Remember to keep liquids off electronics. If you think you got some liquids on them, then you'll need to wipe them off and use some alcohol if you need to clean off ink.  Also let the alcohol dry before plugging anything back in. 

There is hope though! You can purchase a fuse in our store and jump your current fuse. They are located here:

Got Questions? Comment below and we will have a Q & A video session to answer them on YouTube. 



  • Hi Tom, we don’t have instructions and I haven’t done it myself but capping stations are usually a cover that needs to be taken off and some screws after undocking heads. Shouldn’t be a pain. Make sure you unplug the usb and electrical cords before working on everything


    Anthony Creek

  • Question – I have an Epson Pro Stylus Pro 7900, Need to change the capping station , pump Station . I have an extra one . was wondering if there was a video or some kind of instructions on how to do it. we are out of Connecticut and hard to find a service to do it. from what i was told it is not fairly difficult. Any help would greatly be appreciated .



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