What is an ICC Profile?

What is an ICC Profile?

What is an ICC Profile?

A profile is basically a file that is developed by a user or manufacturer of inks that will help the end result of colors that are being printed on an
item whether its paper, film, garments or a substrate. Some colors maybe harder to achieve or come out incorrect after printed. In this case you will need a better profile made by a professional. When switching inks for any substrate you will need one to get the best output. The more you or the manufacturer work on the profile, the better the result. Drying times usually with DTG or DTF have an effect on the output of certain colors coming out correctly also, including greys.

Greys can be difficult with these printing processes. You will need to have a profile matched to each paper you choose to print on and manufacturer, so if you like a certain paper and you want to make a profile for your current ink set then you will need to make a profile for this paper, a separate one should be made for gloss, matte and semi-gloss. The same thing goes for DTG and DTF.

With DTG you will want to base your profile off of 100% ring spun shirts more than likely and DTF of course with film brand and ink. If you need a profile we can help. We have a profiling service you can purchase here

ICC Profile Making Service

How does the service work?

1. You purchase, then we have our profile specialist contact you then instruct you on what to print and send into us.
2. You send in the chart
3. We make the profile and give to you.

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