How Do Print Heads Burn Out?

How Do Print Heads Burn Out?

Print heads are not as delicate as people imagine. They can be stressed a lot before burning out.  One thing is for sure you can damage or burn out print heads prematurely if you continuously print without performing head cleanings during a production run. You should complete them before you start to see a dropout of ink and NOT when you see them. IF you do this on a regular basis you are asking for trouble and a premature damaging of the head. If you don't know when you should perform them the golden rule is about 10 white ink prints and about 15 CMYK only prints.

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Anthony - July 15, 2020

We haven’t cornered the market with print heads. Right now they are very expensive to buy and stock for direct to garment printers. Everyone’s prices are up right now. Everything is so expensive

Kate Goder - July 13, 2020

I have heard you have the market cornered for printheads, is this why they are so expensive and what is your warranty like

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