About Us


Our company is owned by Anthony Creek. Anthony Creek started his own apparel brand in 2004 and purchased a direct to garment printer in 2008. It had major issues and had to be repaired but the company that manufactured it went out of business and bankrupt. The machine was wired improperly and all of his boards were blown on the machine. Without the company being in existence anymore there was nothing he could do to repair the machine. It was a catastrophe but he learned a valuable lesson and that was how the machine worked and how to repair the rest of it. Anthony started helping people repair their machines and it became a business. Eventually he partnered with a company to help sell about 160 machines a year consecutively for 2 years in a row. Total machines sold are around 550 globally. He helped to market and train people on one of the most economical startup printers at the time. 

Anthony is known for honest information, expertise in service and repair and tests the products our company carries to give our customers the best knowledge in the market that he can possibly give along with high quality products that actually work! He is a straight shooter and upfront.

He makes t shirts for high profile clients too and many of them visit him in the tiny town of Fowler where his family has been there for 90 years! 

Anthony is known for all the above and manufacturing Textile inks. High quality and competitive. 

He believes if you are the best at what you do, no matter how small you are or where you are located, people will come to you..... They do for him. 

What a guy!