Importance of a Wet Cap System

Importance of a Wet Cap System

Do you really need a wet capping system? If not will the printer be able to wet cap? 

The answer is NO you don't need a wet capping system. If your printer doesn't have one, it is slightly more difficult to wet cap BUT you will be able to do it. 

What does wet capping the head actually DO? 

It basically makes the head liquified at the end of the day so that the ink doesn't dry out in it and create clogging faster than normal. 

How can you perform a wet cap? 

Pretty simple; if you can do a nozzle check and your head is at the other side of the printer for 10 seconds you can shoot some solution quickly into your pump and cap and it will cap itself.


If your system doesn't have a pump and cap that covers up all the nozzles you can move your head to the middle of the printer and put a little Tupperware piece full of solution under the head so the bottom of the head barely fits in the Tupperware. 

Machine will need to be unplugged. 

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