How to make DTG Profitable

How to make DTG Profitable

When you jump in, do it with 2 feet, never one foot in and one foot out. Same rule applies to DTG. Buy 2 machines so you can get the most output, check out the machine in person and make sure its a good buy for you. 

Purchasing 2 machines will give you peace of mind too because if one machine is down you have the other one to work while you get the down machine back up. If you are busy with 2 printers, add another for backup. That's the best way to approach DTG to make it work for you.

Also the more machines you have, the more you can produce per hour, maximizing your profits. One person can operate all three, thus maximizing labor and output.

Got Questions? Comment below and we will have a Q & A video session to answer them on YouTube. 


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