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Image Armor Ultra Pretreatment

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The latest addition to the Image Armor pretreatment is the new ULTRA formula. Image armor ULTRA allows for the faster setting or gelling of white DTG ink sets that are different than the standard DuPont inks. The new ULTRA opens new doors for direct to garment printers who have Brother or Epson printers and ink sets.

Designed to work and gel the white inks for non-Dupont ink sets allows for faster printing speeds that require a hotter pretreatment to gel the white ink prior to printing the CMYK layer.

Image Armor ULTRA is designed for mid-dark colors to black garments and continues the legacy of the original Image Armor formulas. ULTRA allows for:

A much wider application window
Little to no crystallization when heat pressing
Faster gelling of white inks on higher speed printers.
No mixing required – Ready To Use right out of the bottle.
Works great with Brother , Epson and modified DuPont white ink sets.
Application instructions:

Apply at 18-22 grams per 14″x14″ area – as a starting point.
Cure at 330F (160C) until dry with your heat press – use a cover sheet
Print like normal and cure your ink.
Allow 24 hours before washing for increased wash durability.
    Image Armor Ultra Pretreatment