DTG Tech Support / Remote Training

If you need tech support by phone for your direct to garment machine then you can choose any one of our plans depending on your needs. We have experts on staff that have about 8 years in the field to help you solve your tech support problems or general DTG help like process, best techniques etc. Support is available Monday - Friday from 9AM-5PM Pacific Standard Time (Excluding Holidays). If you purchase weekend support we are available from 11AM-4PM Pacific Standard Time on Saturday and 2PM-4PM Pacific Standard Time on Sunday. Our plans start out at $50 and go up as more minutes are purchased but the more minutes you buy the more discounts you receive. If you need weekend support you must purchase one our weekend plans. If you do find yourself needing weekend help and already chose a weekday plan you will be billed double minutes if you absolutely need weekend help. Our first priority will be the users who choose the weekend plans so please keep this in mind. You can also email us if you prefer help by email! Minutes never expire and are non-transferable. Most problems can be fixed by phone and email but some problems may require on site service depending on the severity. Phone support is available to any customer in the U.S. and if you are an International customer please contact us as we have certain costs to cover by phone so special pricing will be extended to you.