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Image Armor Pretreatment

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  • Image Armor Ultra Pretreatment

    Image Armor Ultra Pretreatment

    The latest addition to the Image Armor pretreatment is the new ULTRA formula. Image armor ULTRA allows for the faster setting or gelling of white DTG ink sets that are different than the standard DuPont inks. The new ULTRA opens new doors for direct to garment printers who have Brother or Epson printers and ink sets.Designed to work and gel the white inks for non-Dupont ink sets allows for faster printing speeds that require a hotter pretreatment to gel the white ink prior to printing the CMYK layer.Image Armor ULTRA is designed for mid-dark colors to black garments and continues the legacy of the original Image Armor formulas. ULTRA allows for:A much wider application windowLittle to no crystallization when heat pressingFaster gelling of white inks on higher speed printers.No mixing required – Ready To Use right out of the bottle.Works great with Brother , Epson and modified DuPont white ink sets.Application instructions:Apply at 18-22 grams per 14″x14″ area – as a starting point.Cure at 330F (160C) until dry with your heat press – use a cover sheetPrint like normal and cure your ink.Allow 24 hours before washing for increased wash durability.

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  • Image Armor Light Pretreatment

    Image Armor Light Pretreatment

    Up until now, you really never had to pretreat white or light colored shirts if you were printing CMYK only designs (with no white under base). However, the colors were not that vibrant unless you printed a double pass, which wastes time and money. Even then, the results were only so-so. Image Armor LIGHT Shirt Formula creates a whole new dynamic for the DTG printing world giving multiple options in printing your designs, with incredible results. First, if you are NOT printing a white under base on your garments, Image Armor LIGHT will provide unparalleled image quality sharpness, vibrancy, and wash durability. Simply apply Image Armor LIGHT using a spray gun or automated pretreatment application machine (which is recommended for repeatable reults), dry and print. Also, most other pretreatments do not allow you to print only CMYK inks onto the garment. These pretreatments are made for printing a white under base and then your CMYK inks. However, if you do print a CMYK only print on one of these pretreatments the print will look great prior to washing, but when it is washed it will fade dramatically. Image Armor LIGHT Formula gives you the flexibility of printing a white under base on the garment and then printing your CMYK colors on top, while still giving incredible washability and performance capabilities. This allows for a variety of printing configurations including the ability to NOT print a white under base where the black ink is located. This results in using less white ink while still achieving incredible prints on the final garments.

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  • Creek Manufacturing Pretreat Nozzle Cleaner

    Creek Manufacturing Pretreat Nozzle Cleaner

    Pretreatment Cleaning Solution is the one-stop solution for cleaning and maintaining your pretreatment machine NOZZLES. FOR PRETREAT MACHINES NOZZLES ONLY. For use at the end of the day and to store nozzles in. Will help prevent oxidation and rust build up.  COMPATIBLE WITH ALL PRETREATMENT NOZZLES. We know you will love the quality!

    $19.99 - $59.99

  • Creek Manufacturing Pretreatment/Pretreater Machine Cleaning Solution

    Creek Manufacturing Pretreatment/Pretreater Machine Cleaning Solution

    Pretreatment Cleaning Solution is the one-stop solution for cleaning and maintaining your pretreatment machine. FOR PRETREAT MACHINES ONLY and NOZZLES. For use at the end of the day and to flush Machine.  COMPATIBLE WITH ALL PRETREATMENT MACHINES. We know you will love the quality!

    $39.99 - $214.99

  • Image Armor Dark Pretreatment

    Image Armor Dark Pretreatment

    Image Armor DARK is used with dark-colored and black garments. It allows the white layer of ink to set faster so the CMYK inks set better, providing the best ink coverage and superior washability.Image Armor's DARK Formula is safe to use with DuPont brand inks and is also safe for two-pass printing.This is the pretreatment that direct-to-garment printers everywhere are raving about. If you've been less than satisfied with your DTG prints, you haven't tried Image Armor. For use on dark garments. For light garments please use Image Armor Light. INSTRUCTIONS AND TIPS: DO NOT mix down Image Armor - it is ready to use. Always shake the container before using or pouring into your pretreatment machine container. When reclaiming unused pretreatment from a pretreat machine, strain it to ensure that no fibers, dirt, dust, or other contaminants are in the solution. Contaminants in the solution could cause clogging in your pretreatment sprayer or machine, and will give less satisfactory results. Apply pretreatment as evenly as possible to the garment - uneven application will cause undesirable results. The amount of pretreatment required varies greatly depending on the weight, weave, and color of the garment. For heavy or very dark garments, more pretreatment is needed. You may want to experiment. Cure on heat press at 330 F for 30 seconds or until dry. For better results, press twice at 20 seconds each press. For best results, garment should be completely dry before printing. Use Kraft paper when curing, and remove immediately. Leaving the paper on the garment until cool can cause crystallization. Using a heavy pressure setting on the heat press may give the best results. Garments may be pretreated in advance, but try to use them as soon as possible. We do not recommend pretreating more than two weeks in advance. If pretreated garments have been stored more than 24 hours, heat press them again for 5-10 seconds to remove accumulated moisture. Handle pretreated garments as little as possible. Touching, bending, and folding may break down the pretreatment and cause unsatisfactory results.

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