Large Foam Tipped Cleaning Swabs

These foam tipped swabs are great for cleaning out print heads on Epson printers or your direct to garment printers! These are a necessity and vital part of the cleaning essentials that you must use in order to clean your Epson printer heads and capping stations. If you fail to do this you may find yourself spending $1000 each time to fix your printer so may sure that you clean out your printer daily. If you don't clean your capping station your printer head will definitely clog up and you will find yourself spending $500 to replace your print head or more depending on what model printer you have. Each swab has a 3.75" plastic handle and a 0.5" x 1" foam tip, and solvent resistant to prevent it from tearing up when cleaning. The tips look exactly how they are pictured. Nice and white so you know that you're getting the job done.