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Creek Manufacturing Generation 2 POTENT Dark Pretreat

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Directions for Darks are below but you can choose to use the pretreat any of these ways you'd like. Temp depends on color of the garment but darks are usually best pressed at 342F/172C  and cured at 342F/172C when using white ink. Depending on the ink you are using you may want to cure from 90-130 seconds. 

Here's what Anthony Creek recommends:

1. Hang dry then press 3 times to push fibers down 8 seconds each press. 

2.  Press 3 intervals of 17 seconds each. You need to make sure that the pretreat is dry. 3 presses push all the fibers down giving the best print. You may need to increase the amount of pretreat and drying time for thicker items

3. Conveyor drying: Conveyor dry at 330F for 3 minutes and 3 presses of 8 second intervals depending on how much pretreat is applied. 

Usually on t shirts you will need about 23 grams of pretreat and 46 for hoodies. 

We strived to make a pretreat that may achieve the following:

*Conveyor Friendly with heat press combo when drying pretreat
*Can Be Hang Dried
*Fewer Staining Issues Than our Previous Version
*Works with many DTG’s

*Concentrate Available for Cheaper Shipping Options


This product is to be only used with 100% cotton shirts. Using with blended garments may produce results that are questionable pre and post wash. 

This lays down all the fibers, giving you a nice, smooth garment to print. Be sure to use our Kraft paper for darks instead of parchment paper to achieve the best quality print. The pretreatment also helps ink to adhere to the garment, giving you a more vibrant final print and little or no fibrillation (small fibers sticking up out of the ink) WHEN USING OR APPLYING PRETREATMENT PLEASE USE PROPER MATERIALS SUCH AS GOGGLES AND MASKS SHOULD BE WORN AT ALL TIMES WHEN APPLYING. 

UV results are not guaranteed, as we do not test all garments ever produced in the marketplace and we do not have control over what chemicals there might be on the garments and how they will react to our pretreat. Results of any kind are not guaranteed. We are not liable in any way for any damages or losses due to use with our products. 

    Creek Manufacturing Generation 2 POTENT Dark Pretreat, DTG Pre-Treatment
    Creek Manufacturing Generation 2 POTENT Dark Pretreat, DTG Pre-Treatment