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CADlink Digital Factory Version 11 Epson F2000/F2100 Edition

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PRECISION PRINTING. PERFECT DENSITY. SUPERIOR OUTPUT. More than just RIP software, Digital Factory by CADlink offers high fidelity color printing and professional job preparation and management tools to streamline your production workflow from start to finish. 

This Version 10 DTF RIP Desktop Edition by CADLINK comes either in physical dongle version, or digital download version. Make your selection from the following options:

  • Full Version Dongle
    We will mail you the dongle in the mail, along with instructions for software to download to use the dongle. FULL VERSION INCLUDED, LIFETIME LICENSE.

  • Full Version Download
    We will email you within 1 business day with dongle-free digital software that you can immediately install and use on your PC (no dongle required). FULL VERSION INCLUDED, LIFETIME LICENSE.

  • Trial Download
    We will email you within 1 business day with dongle-free digital software that you can immediately install and use on your PC (no dongle required). TRIAL VERSION, 15 DAY LICENSE.

Advanced features to keep you a step ahead:

  • Advanced color manipulation and removal
  • White opacity control to save money on ink and speed up the print process
  • Professional layout tools to design custom sized graphics
  • Rasterization
  • Color Blending
  • Direct printing from your favorite graphics program
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (x32 and x64)
  • And much more!

Other Advanced Features with an added cost (We can quote before/after purchase):

*Fluid Mask

*Additional Printer Support (run 2 printers with one RIP)

Compatible with the Epson F2000 and F2100 Direct To Garment Printers

DIGITAL FACTORY V10 EPSON EDITION Everything you need in a single Direct to Garment software package). An unmatched feature set. No other DTG print software includes the combination of file preparation, colour management and production automation tools that Digital Factory Direct To Garment Epson Edition provides! HIGH FIDELITY COLOUR MANAGEMENT TOOLS THE LARGEST NUMBER OF PRINTERS SUPPORTED Including most widely used Epson® printers as well as many high performance purpose-built printers offered by many Direct to Film resellers.

DESIGN AND AUTOMATION TOOLS YOU’LL USE ON A DAILY BASIS Dozens of valuable, time-saving features including knock-out tools for automatic black, white or colour removal from designs, auto nesting of jobs, barcode support, roll-mode support without the need for additional hardware or software and much more. ROBUST RASTERISATION INTERFACE Applying “ink gaps” within a design has never been easier or more visually pleasing. Transparency based application of rasters provides flexibility to place gaps over the entire image or only on select areas.

WORK WITH VIRTUALLY ANY COMMON FILE FORMAT Industrial strength .pdf support. Also supports: PNG, SVG, JPG, AI, EPS, BMP, TIF. UNIQUE WHITE INK HANDLING White ink generation is automatically handled based on transparency within the design providing amazing results. No complicated file preparation to specify white ink layers in third party design applications.

PRODUCTION TOOLS THAT SIMPLIFY AND AUTOMATE PRODUCTION PROFESSIONALLY CREATED COLOUR PROFILES AND PRINTMODES Custom created colour profiles supporting the most widely used ink, media and powder suppliers.

CREATE A DTG PRINT EFFECT WITH “NO RASTER” PRINTMODES Specialised printmodes without rasters included for select printers are able to simulate a DTG look and feel using DTF technology.

SIMPLE COLOUR CORRECTION TOOLS A wide assortment of colour correction tools provide the ability to modify existing colour profiles to handle changes in ink, media or powder suppliers as required.


• Windows™ 10 and 8 support (32 & 64 bit)

• Optimised RIP processing speeds

• Optimised multiple job processing (RIP threading)

• Reduced multiple copy RIP times. RIP one copy, print many.

• Start to finish .pdf workflow support • Enhanced plug-ins for Corel® , Illustrator® and Photoshop® that send print jobs directly to production queues with automated white underbase when required. No cumbersome job preparation required.

• Templates support for exact positioning of designs

• “KnockMeBlackOut”, black removal from design

• “KnockMeColorOut”, white and other color removal from design • Automatic trapping (choke/spread) in queues, including trapping by colour plane

• Simplified navigation; Easy queue menu tabs, page view and job properties • Grid option in job preview window • Instant access to job information using “mouse-over image”

• Automated TCPIP port search for easier network printing setup

• Quick job reprints with save job backup (.jbk file) option

• Export queues and printer packages

• Worldwide language support using Unicode


• Preset colour profiles for white, black, and coloured media of different types

• High fidelity, ICC compliant colour management engine

• Simple ink volume controls

• Complete manual colour curve controls by image detail (shadows, mid-tones, highlights) • Advanced colour correction tools interface • Easy colour adjustments • Colour adjustment wizard for merging ICC rendering intents

• Easy-access to printmodes and printmode overrides • High speed printmodes with no quality reduction PRE-PRODUCTION TOOLS

• Visual print preview

• Raw data preview

• Multi-copy with spacing controls

• Cropping controls of image and job

• Rotation controls of image and job

• Mirror, invert image and job

• Scale image and job to any size

• Soft proofing

• Built-in special effects/filters (distressed, distressed frames, sharpen)

• Updated Supersize filter functionality for improved image resolution

• Job colour replacement

• Export template layouts with improved template user interface

• Image duplication interface JOB MANAGEMENT AND SCHEDULING TOOLS

• Unique, single window visual interface, one central easy to manage hub for all jobs

• Easy to use queue set-up wizard. Set up production queues quickly and easily

• Auto-scheduling or manual scheduling of jobs

• On-the-fly job prioritisation using simple drag and drop

• Job archiving, history, print status and job logs

• Job notes • Hot folder support

• Gmail support. Send jobs directly to queues using mobile devices via Gmail • Bar code support for automated production

    CADlink Digital Factory Version 11 Epson F2000/F2100 Edition