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DTG Printer Parts

Schulze Pre-Treater Basic /III/3/IV/4 Pump

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Schulze Pre-Treater Basic/3/IV and Pretreater Pump, ready to pop in the machine. Please be aware that there maybe updates on the pump but the pump will work the same. The older model has brackets that maybe different. You may need to tie down and/or epoxy the feet if needed or drill new holes into the frame and use a longer screw with a nut to secure properly. Will need to be secured. 

No Returns are accepted for this part. Please notice that updated models have different fittings on the bottom and colors than the original pumps. You may have to do your own retro fitting if necessary but this is the correct part. 

*Tip, if you screw on the sides and it goes in crooked you will have to re-screw it. It can take a few tries to get it right. 

    Schulze Pre-Treater 3/IV Pump