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  • Premier Print Shield Fine Art Coating

    Premier Print Shield Fine Art Coating

    Print Shield PremierArt™ Print Shield Spray is a lacquer based protective coating for all inkjet prints. Its low solids formulation maintains the original look of the surface of the print and eliminates gloss differential common with pigmented inks. Perfect for any fine art ink jet print that needs protection. Also works great with RC photo papers. Low solids formula keeps original paper look and feel! Print Shield is available in aerosol cans for easy application and bulk 1 liter bottles for high volume HVLP guns. Eliminates Gloss Differential! FACT: Print Shield will extend the life of your prints! FACT: Print Shield is recommended by Epson for protecting inkjet prints. MSDS Sheet: Print Shield aerosol 06-2016 V2 MSDS Sheet: Print Shield 1 Liter Bulk 06-16 WILHELM CERTIFIED  Extend the life of your prints   WIR – Print Permanence Ratings Printed with Epson pigment inks Media Under Glass UV Glass Dark Storage Platinum RagFine Art 56 yrs 111 yrs >200 yrs Watercolor 54 yrs 121 yes >200 yrs Watercolor WithPrint Shield 77 yrs 157 yrs >200yrs



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