Stahls Hotronix® Hover Press 16x20

The only heat press available for curing direct-to-garment inks. The Hover Heat Press has all of the features of the Auto Open Clam with one unique difference: the upper platen hovers over the garment to ensure brighter colors and a stronger bond between ink and the garment. With this breakthrough technology, you never have to worry about direct-to-garment ink residue on your platen.Can also be used for any type of traditional heat-applied graphics. Technical Specifications Features Two modes - one for contact and the second for pressure Digital time, temperature and pressure settings Twin Timer™ for programming two independent time settings Generates maximum pressure Under-center pressure platen CE/NRTLCO approved Quick-change lower platen 3/8" silicone pad Non-stick coated heater - stress relieved to prevent warping Cast-in tubular element every 2" to eliminate cold spots 3/16" laser-quality steel framework Heavy-duty pin & bushing pivot points 3/4" upper flotation heat platen Wide opening for easy layout Available in 110v or 220v Space-saving clamshell design Benefits No air compressor needed Opens automatically Easy to operate Digital readouts Hotronix Premier Warranty Lifetime Warranty on Heating Element 5 yr on Framework 2 yr on Circuit board 1 yr Parts/labor