Polyprint Texjet® shorTee Direct To Garment Printer

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TexJet® shorTee direct to garment printer is here to stay! It’s smaller and lighter than any other TexJet® model, yet blazing fast to help you keep your production line at high levels. Plus, it is the most affordable solution from all the TexJet® product family.

12.5"×17.5" Printable Area!

Taking into consideration the ease of use on exchanging the various platens, we developed special magnetic snap-on platens for TexJet® shorTee. The “Large” platen is frameless and can also be used for POLO shirts. The “Medium” and “Sleeve” platens have frames included. Price does not include freight and please contact us if ordering online as the price is for direct payments only not by credit card.

TexJet® shorTee | Snap-On Platens