Polyprint Texjet® echo Direct To Garment Printer

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Meet the new TexJet® echo! The successor of Polyprint’s best seller dtg printer, TexJet® PLUS.

16.5"×23.5" Printable Area!

TexJet® echo is the brand new direct to garment printer from Polyprint and replaces the famous TexJet® PLUS Advanced. Some of the key features are: Photorealistic print quality, Excellent white ink performance, Max print area: 42x60cm, Screen & Digital MIX compatibility, Snap-On Platens and more. TexJet® echo keeps the same reliability, cost effectiveness and low running cost as its predecessor, this time with 1-YEAR WARRANTY on PRINTHEAD and all mechanical parts!


TexJet® echo is compatible with 8/9 Snap-On Platens. Most are equipped with a “Frame System” in order to keep the garment surface flat without the need of using glue. Also each “Frame System” has “Adjustable Knobs” which allows printing on thicker or thinner materials ensuring top print quality on either case!

Automatic printhead height adjustment!

Now there is no need to manually adjust the distance of the printhead like many other competitive dtg printers. TexJet® echo comes with an accurate optical sensor that does it automatically for you minimizing the possibility to damage the printhead. The sensor guarantees the optimum distance between the fabric and the printhead and also enables bi-directional printing. Price does not include freight and please contact us if ordering online as the price is for direct payments only not by credit card.

TexJet® echo (Optical Sensor)