GEN 3 F2000™ Optimized / GTX Optimized – FBX-100™ – DTG Pretreatment FORMULA


F2000™ Optimized – FBX-100™ – DTG Pretreatment / GEN 3

Maximize White Ink Opacity for vibrant DTG prints, 33% brighter than other pretreatment brands
Non-Staining DTG Pretreatment on BOTH Dark AND Light Colored Garments
Advanced Washability, protects from color fade and fibers from unraveling (minimal “fibrillation”)
Ready to Use! FIREBIRD Pretreatments never need to be diluted to reach your perfect print
Wide-Open Application Window, easy to use and repeat perfect prints with excellent wash
Incredibly soft hand feel, does not “starch” the t-shirt
Long Shelf-Life, guaranteed for use up to one and a half years from date of manufacture
Easy To Use, no shaking is required! FBX-100 does not settle or develop chunks of solids
PROFITABLE, FBX-100 is the best deal in DTG
Low Odor


Please note the FBX 100 Epson optimized pretreat is the same as the GTX just with a different label. There is no difference so if you receive it with the other label it will be ok to use.