FIREBIRD Pretreatment Cleaning Solution is the one-stop solution for cleaning and maintaining your pretreatment machine.

FIREBIRD Digital Inks presents the Pretreatment Cleaning Solution for keeping your Direct to Garment setup clean, efficient, and profitable.

Increase the Life and Efficiency of Your Automatic Pretreatment Spraying Machine

Stop expensive problems before they ever start.
– Just before shutting down pretreatment machine, empty the machine of any pretreatment
– Load PCS and keep filled until next time pretreatment is needed
– When ready to use pretreatment machine again, remove Pretreatment Cleaning Solution and load pretreatment again

Maintain Sprayer Tips for Optimal Spray

Fix problem nozzels instead of throwing them away. Simply add the following routine to your maintenance:
– After running machine maintenance, remove sprayer tip
– Completely submerge tips in Pretreatment Cleaning Solution
– Allow to soak until next use

Spot Clean Your Shop

Finally get rid of sticky pretreat residue and buildup.
– With a towel, apply PCS directly to any spills, misting, or dried pretreatment on the pretreatment machine parts
– Break up clogged tips with PCS and a toothbrush
– Use a spray bottle to directly target areas on the pretreatment machine parts