Genuine DuPont Artistri DTG Ink - Epson 4880/4800 DTG Printers - Yellow

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This is a 4800/4880 compatible DuPont ink Cartridge. This will work for most 4800/4880 based printers for example the NEOFLEX, Idot, FlexiJet, and T jet Blazer. You will also need to find out what model Epson your printer is based off of and if you don't know what model Epson your printer is based on you can look on the back of the machine near the power source and it should tell you there. If it doesn't have this contact your machine manufacturer to find out because the cartridge chip is different for 4800 or 4880 printers. We recommend these cartridges ESPECIALLY for printers that do not have a circulating system for ink because refillable cartridges have breather holes that allow air to get in the cartridges and harden the ink, so basically you will eventually be pushing sludge through your lines if not printing regularly. This is common with refillables! This product is compatible with the following models; DTG Viper I Dot Flexijet Neo Nexus T Jet Blazer/Pro/Express Any 4880/4800 based DTG