DTG M2/M4/M6/Viper 1/Bullet Damper

This is a Non OEM compatible damper that is very good in quality. It is compatible with the DTG Viper, Bullet or any Epson 4000/4800/4880/R1900/R1800/7800/7880/9800/9880 printer or any Epson based DTG Printer on those models. If you are not sure what model your printer is compatible with please contact us as we are experts in our field and know the compatibility. Also note that we do not have any relationship with Epson America, but do distribute some OEM parts. For the DTG Viper these work great for the CMYK, for the white lines you might need to zip tie the top of the dampers to hold tightly on the ink lines. If you have any questions or concerns on the DTG Viper Dampers feel free to give us a call at 855-384-7278 Extension 1.