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DTG Printer Parts

CREEK MFG GEN 3 DTG/DIRECT TO FILM BULK INK for Heads i600 / IE3200 / 4720

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 It's a new era in Direct To Garment AND Direct To Film! A new ink is here and ready to impress you with great results! Manufactured and supervised by Anthony Creek. A solid name in the Direct To Garment/Direct To Film industry

What is different about this ink? When used properly the hand is soft to the touch and this ink is American Made. Quality you can trust!

Machines with heads like i600 heads, IE3200, 4720, 5113 XP600 and more! Not sure what head your machine is using? Ask us! We are pro's in the professional garment decorating business with a long history of knowledge and over a decade in the business! Orange and Green colors are available upon request!
Our white is bright and CMYK has excellent washability. You will notice the difference and be pleased with the results.


If you are converting from other inks you may want to flush out your system before switching. We have a 2 liter cleaning solution conversion kit option in the options. That kit will come with 2 liters of white, 1 liter of each CMYK and 2 liters of cleaning solution. 

SDS sheets are available upon request. 

*Bottle Sizes may vary during covid. Bottle sizes are approximate and can vary depending on settling. Results are not guaranteed and should be tested for your application before purchasing larger quantities. This ink is not guaranteed to work with DIRECT TO FILM, only because some films maybe incompatible and humidity varies from location to location so please test first. 

    CREEK MFG GEN 3 DTG/DIRECT TO FILM BULK INK for Heads i600 / IE3200 / 4720, DTG Inks