Creek Manufacturing Freejet 330tx/TX Plus Compatible


It's a new era in Direct To Garment. A new ink is here and ready to impress you with great results! Manufactured and supervised by Anthony Creek. A solid name in the Direct To Garment industry. 

We manufactured to give a great print and minimize small tiny holes in our white inks (pinholes). This gives a great overall look for DTG.

Our white is bright and CMYK has excellent washability. You will notice the difference and be pleased with the results.

Quality Assurance
We test each batch in our printers and document the results so that you know you will be getting a good quality product when its in your hands.  Our ink is made in a professional lab that is very clean and with experienced chemists to ensure quality. This is for printing on blends and 100% cottons. Please note we have not tested with poly pretreat with 100% poly shirts in a heat press setting. 
DX5 heads
DX7 heads
Freejet 330tx and TX Plus models
*Bottle Sizes may vary during covid. Bottle sizes are approximate and can vary depending on settling. Results are not guaranteed and will depend on machine settings/environment. If using for DTF you should test before purchasing large volumes.