Blue Printerhead Printhead Cleaning Solution Epson + DTG Printers

This is cleaning solution for Epson printers that are using a pigment or dye based ink or for textile, you cannot use this solution for other inks. For most printers you will need 1 Liter of solution. Our cleaning solution cleans your printer and lubricates it as well. Most cleaning solutions dry out your printer but our solution contains a special silicone that will help lubricate the parts after cleaning. Cleaning solution should be used at the FIRST sign of a clog not months later. You should also run cleaning solution through your system every 4-6 months of printing or putting it in your printer if going on vacation. If you need refillable cartridges contact us or buy from our store. You can try to get your printer unclogged if its been sitting for a while and we have had some customers have some success but it is better do right away. Using this solution doesn't guarantee that your printer will get unclogged and you should do the proper maintenance on your machine to prevent a clogging. If you are SWITCHING ink types you should definitely use our solution to flush out your old inks and then swap in the new ones. If you are thinking of switching to a new ink then you may want to try ours as we have over 30 years in experience making ink.