220ML Creek Manufacturing E Series Ink Bags -4880 Epson, Neoflex, Flexijet 4880/4800 DTG Printers


These bags contain 220ml of TruColour Full Spectrum Digital Ink. The product is used for replacing the bag inside a 4880/4800 cartridges. You will need to reset the chip on the cartridge after replacing, to make the machine think the cartridge is new and unused. Please see our video tutorial to see how to replace the bag in the cartridge. You can choose on any color you want on the options below. Its compatible with the Neoflex, Flexijet, I-Dot, T Jet Blazer, or RJet systems. Please note we do not have any affiliation with these companies.


DTG Printer Compatibility

Since Creek Manufacturing TruColours Full Spectrum Inks are being released for all of the Epson® repurposed printers you might be wondering if you will be able to use them. Some of the printers include (but not limited to):

BRAND Compatible with E-series Ink
Anajet Sprint, FP-125, SP200
DTG Kiosks, HM1, Viper, M2, M4
Neoflex NeoFlex Textile
Melco Melco-Jet, G2, G3
Spectra Spectra 3000 and Spectra 3880
Fast T-Jet T-Jet, T-Jet 2, T-Jet 3, Blazer Express, Pro
Belquette Flexi-Jet, Mod1
M&R Digital I-Dot 2100, 4200 and M-Link OV1
FreeJet FreeJet 300TX, 500TX and 700TX
PolyPrint Texjet, SuperJet and TexJet Plus
Resolute Rjet-i3, Rjet-R4 and Rjet-R5
DIY DIY Printers
Other Printers MS Zero, MS-One, Advantage, Chinese Brand