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DTG Printer Parts

NEOFLEX COMPATIBLE 220ML Genuine DuPont Artistri DTG Magenta Ink Bag - Epson 4880/4800 DTG Printers

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Genuine DuPont Artistri Ink for all Epson Based Garment Printers including the DTG, Anajet, Neoflex, Fast T-Jet, Veloci-Jet, TexJet, FreeJet, IDot, Mod1 and many more (see below).

Genuine DuPont Artistri Ink has a 60(CMYK)/120(WHITE) second cure time.

Genuine DuPont Artistri Ink was formulated to "play nice" with all your printer components. This means your wiper and capping station will have less build up and will be easier to clean. 

Genuine DuPont Artistri Ink has done an amazing job improving the cure time, but they didn't stop there. They made it their mission to improve the brightness of their inks AND the washability too. These high standards have resulted in longer lasting, better looking prints wash after wash. It's almost shocking to see how they look after 30 washes!

Instructions for curing Genuine DuPont Artistri Ink:

  • Cure the Genuine DuPont Artistri Ink at 340F for 60 seconds(CMYK)/120 seconds(White). You can go a little longer on the cure time, however best results are achieved at the suggested time and temperature
  • Use light to medium pressure on the heat press to cure the ink.
  • Allow for 24 hours after heat pressing before washing the shirt. This allows continued curing of the ink. Washing immediately will result in about a 10-15% decrease in print quality life.


DTG Printer Compatibility

Since Genuine DuPont Artistri Inks are being released for all of the Epson® repurposed printers you might be wondering if you will be able to use them. Some of the printers include (but not limited to):

BRANDCompatible with E-series Ink
AnajetSprint, FP-125, SP200
DTGKiosks, HM1, Viper, M2, M4
NeoflexNeoFlex Textile
MelcoMelco-Jet, G2, G3
SpectraSpectra 3000 and Spectra 3880
Fast T-JetT-Jet, T-Jet 2, T-Jet 3, Blazer Express, Pro
BelquetteFlexi-Jet, Mod1
M&R DigitalI-Dot 2100, 4200 and M-Link OV1
FreeJetFreeJet 300TX, 500TX and 700TX
PolyPrintTexjet, SuperJet and TexJet Plus
ResoluteRjet-i3, Rjet-R4 and Rjet-R5
DIYDIY Printers
Other PrintersMS Zero, MS-One, Advantage, Chinese Brand
    220ML Genuine DuPont Artistri DTG Magenta Ink Bag - Epson 4880/4800 DTG Printers