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  • Creek Manufacturing B Series Bulk Compatible DTG Ink for Brother GTX / GTX Pro / GTX Pro Bulk

    Creek Manufacturing B Series Bulk Compatible DTG Ink for Brother GTX / GTX Pro / GTX Pro Bulk

    Compatibility Brother GTX Pro Bulk We are not affiliated with Brother and this is a compatible product for the Pro Bulk printers. You will need to follow some detailed information on how to use this product.  Jetability We manufactured and took our time to give the best print quality, durability and longevity of the printers internal parts as best as we could possibly get our of our manufacturing facility.  Washability Our white is bright and CMYK has excellent washability. You will notice the difference and be pleased with the results. Quality Assurance We test each batch in our printers and document the results so that you know you will be getting a good quality product when its in your hands.  Our ink is made in a professional lab that is very clean and with experienced chemists to ensure quality. Directions: Cure CMYK only prints at 325°F/162°C for 45 seconds at a minimum. You can cure at a higher temp and time also but with certain garments heat may scorch the garment Cure W+CMYK prints at 338°F/170°C for 120 seconds. Using a higher temp will cure faster. Poly/Cotton/Rayon blends work well as well as 100% cotton. Poly/Cotton only blends achieve better results when used with a conveyor/heat press combination. Use low to medium pressure.   Conversions If you are converting from other inks you will NOT need to flush your current ink set out.  SDS sheets are available upon request.  DTG Printer Compatibility- F Series DTG Printers only *Bottle Sizes may vary during covid. Bottle sizes are approximate and can vary depending on settling. Results are not guaranteed and should be tested for your application before purchasing larger quantities. This ink is not guaranteed to work with DTF, only because some films maybe incompatible and humidity varies from location to location so please test first. 

    $145.00 - $569.99


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